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Info about the product
How are products and accessories made?

All our products are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy.
The description of each item indicates the specifications of the materials used.
All accessories are hand-embroidered, embellished with colored crystals, beads, ribbons and studs to make your style unique.

How can I change the accessory or the buckle?

Geber shoes and belts are equipped with a patented system with some supports that allow to replace the accessory quickly and easily.
Move the buckle slightly to the right or left to release the small hook with which it is equipped from the appropriate supports.
We recommend doing the operation with the product not worn, acting first on one side and then on the other.
To add the new accessory repeat the operation in reverse.

How can I clean my accessory?

In the product packaging, on the inside of the lid you will find a small brush with soft bristles that will allow you to clean the accessory by removing any traces of dust.

Online purchase
How can I made my first purchase?

If you buy for the first time on the site, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the basic model between belts and shoes
  2. If you want, add other additional accessories using the configurator or by visiting the “Shoe Accessories” or “Belt Buckles” sections.
  3. Add the product to the cart and proceed with the purchase.

For information on how to bring add a product to the cart, complete the purchase or how to use the configurator, read the other FAQs.

Do accessories also include shoes or belts?

No! In order to use the accessories you must have purchased at least one basic shoes or belt.

Do accessories also include shoes or belts?

You can decide to buy other accessories at any time to customize your product with infinite styles. Visit the sections “Shoe Accessories” or “Belt Buckles”.
When you have chosen your favorite model, add it to your cart and proceed to payment to send the order.
On each item, in the detail text, you will find specified info about the compatibility.
It is not possible to use belt buckles on shoes and vice versa.

How can I buy on the site?

Buying on is quick and easy.
Just click on your favorite model and find out all its features in the product detail view.
Once you click on “BUY”, the product is automatically placed in the CART where you can edit or remove.
In the case of shoes, before proceeding with the click on the button, it will be necessary to choose the size.

The CART will always be visible during purchases, at the top right, with its content and the total value of your future order.

You can continue shopping and search for other items, or complete your purchase by clicking on “GO TO CHECKOUT”.

How do I know if the purchase was successful?

After purchase you will receive an order confirmation email. The message will contain the summary of the order with all details. If you have registered, in the account section, you should monitor the status of your order at any time.

How can I check the status of my order?

Upon shipment of the order you will receive an email notifying you of the completion of the order. Check also in the “Spam” folder of the e-mail. For more information regarding the status of the order, write to
If you have registered, you can monitor the status of your order at any time on your account page.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Delivery takes place in within 2-3 working days if you order from Europe.
For other countries times are variable from a minimum of 5 days to a maximum of 10.
If you have registered, you can find the tracking code of the reference courier on your account page and monitor the shipment.

Other information
How can I use the configurator?

In all the shoe models available in the online shop, once the desired size has been chosen, a “Configure” button will be activated.
By clicking on it you will be redirected to the configurator. Now click on the “Accessories” item on the left side of the page to view all the possible combinations.
Once you have chosen the accessory you prefer, click “Add to Cart” button.
You can now proceed with the payment to complete your purchase.

How can I make a return?

If you have changed your mind about your purchase or need another size, you have 30 days to return.
For more information on the procedure, visit the information page dedicated to returns and replacements.

How can I contact the customer care?

If you want to ask information about our products, you need support in the purchase, you want to ask questions about your order or a return, you can contact us at any time on our official social channels or by sending an email to


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